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Source of high quality coffee

CEREALISTA BRAZIL COFFEE is strategically located, with our headquarters in FRANCA- SP which joins the municipality of ALTA MOGIANA region, 24 cities producing fine coffee.

MOGIANA has been in the coffee crop history for more than 200 years with annual average production of 2.000.00 coffee bags. It is one of the most traditional coffee producing regions in Brazil ranging from 900 to 1.200 meters of altitude and 20ºC of annual average temperature.

Most of our plantations are in small and medium properties which are located in the richest State of Brazil ( São Paulo ).There is an excellent infrastructure with easy access to new technology, workforce and suitable roads to facilitate the transportation of the production.

The history of the coffee produced in the region emerged in mid – 1830’s, when the municipality received a lot of immigrants, mainly Italians. The city stands out because of the agriculture action as the core of one the most important coffee producing regions in the world, “ALTA MOGIANA”.

The coffee produced in this region has great approval in the national and international markets due to the favorable weather, soil and altitude. Therefore, it is one of the most important regions in the production of high quality Brazilian coffee.
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CEREALISTA BRAZIL COFFEE also has a branch in São Sebastião do Paraiso-MG, in Sudoeste Mineiro, a very important coffee producing region. Minas Gerais is the largest coffee producing state in Brazil, accounts for about 50% of the national production and is one of the main sources of specialty coffee in the country.

The predominantly flat-undulating relief condition favors the mechanization of crops and the rainy climate in the summer and cold and dry in the winter, during the harvest, conditions high yields and excellent quality of the coffees produced.

A region where crops are medium sized fully irrigated, and where there is a combination of climate, soil, relief, altitude and "Know how to" of their people, producing a distinctive coffee with high quality identity in their drink , which meets the most demanding buyers.