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Serving clients of all sizes

CEREALISTA BRAZIL COFFEE aims to assist small national coffee roasters in order to supply the greatest buyers and importers worldwide.

Our proper control of quality under the grading standards ( COB, SCAA and Q’GRADERS ) improves the relationship between the company and the importers.

CEREALISTA BRAZIL COFFEE supports small, medium and large-sized producers from the quality control of crops to coffee trading, providing Market options looking to improve product sales. CPR’s ( CÉDULAS DE PRODUTORES RURAIS – credit note instrument ) are also offered in advance for coffee purchase: Prospective purchase and sales either set or being settled.



Attending Brazil and abroad

CEREALISTA BRAZIL COFFEE has a strong relationship with the national and international markets. Then, its ideal has been reference in sensible and dependable business. Our qualified staff acts in the Market ahead of the other challenging companies due to the potential to provide a range of coffee grains. Our staff qualifies better products and set reasonable prices in agreement with the national and international markets.

Upon purchasing coffee bags, CEREALISTA BRAZIL COFFEE qualifies the source of the grain in keeping with reliable reference sale information to the buyers in agreement with technical and standard rules.